SpaceX and NASA announce date for next Crew Dragon astronaut launch for Next Mission

The company’s fifth operational astronaut launch have settled on October 3rd, 2022

The Next Launch Initially scheduled in early September, But NASA announced in July that SpaceX’s Crew-5 launch was slipping to late September

The Launch Was Delayed Because the company accidentally ran its new Falcon 9 rocket booster into a bridge.

Luckily for SpaceX, the incident only damaged the top of the booster and was easily resolved with a replacement interstage

Crew-5 is the second Dragon mission in a row to be significantly delayed by issues with SpaceX hardware after CRS-25

In a strange decision, NASA also decided to  swap seats between Soyuz and Commercial Crew vehicles, allowing a Russian cosmonaut to fly on Crew Dragon

Crew-5 will be SpaceX’s eighth astronaut launch seventh astronaut mission to the space station, 

This  mission will also mark the first time a Russian cosmonaut flies on Crew Dragon.